Dr. Anita Kapoor

Talking about Dr. Kapoor; she was born in India and gained masters in Hindi and English literature along with a doctoral degree. Her conscience and keen interest in the position of the stars and planets, gems and tarot cards, since childhood, made her learn the best of these sciences and its influence on people and events.

Artist-cum- writer

She is a vivid writer, an awesome orator, and a foreteller too. Her deep insights of spiritualism have led to enlighten individuals by helping them understand their inherent strengths, potentials, and benefits of putting it to right use. Dr. Anita Kapoor is a born poet at heart. With a flair for writing she creates an aura for the reader wherein a person reading her contribution does not only read but feels the poetic piece of work.

With a charm and magic of writing, she has made contribution in various magazines and books. She being a vivid writer is a self-critic and delivers the best every time she writes something new. Her artistic pieces vary from poems to editorial columns to stories and much more. A few of her poetic works like “Bikhremoti”, “Achuteswar”, “Kadambari” have touched the hearts of people and drove their minds. She is gifted with a great sense of understanding, writing, and analysing the humour around. A few of her contributions are enlisted at the link http://bikharemotee.blogspot.com/ and www.yaadeinusa.com.

Dr. Anita Kapoor is not only a successful woman entrepreneur but also a big name in Hindi Sahitya Academy. Her name is reckoned being the founder member, editor, and curator for Delhi International Film Festival. Her name is registered as founder & president of Vishwa Hindi Jyoti. She is also the media Director - UPMA and in Chair of MGMT Committee.


Dr. Anita Kapoor is a well-known name in the world of Nadi Astrology and Hindu Predictive Astrology. She is a magnificent personality with a high sense of credibility in Tarot card reading, Palmistry, and Vastu consultancy. Her knowledge of Nadi astrology is most detailed and accurate and her belief that the actions of our past lives determine the present has created a strong base for guidance and predictions in all realms of life like education, career, business, money, love, marriage, horoscope, and its effects. With a sense of pride in humanity and strong ethical values Dr. Kapoor believes in giving it back to the society by using her natural powers & services for the welfare of society, solving their problems through various means. She has upheld her success by curing thousands of people in India, USA, and across the globe.

Books Written by Dr. Kapoor

Sanson ke hastakshar by dr anita kapoor
Bikhri oos ki boondein by dr anita kapoor
aadhi abaadi ka aakash by dr anita kapoor
Bikhre moti by dr anita kapoor
Oos me bhigte sapne by dr anita kapoor
Achute swar by dr anita kapoor